Monday, March 31, 2008

30 Years in 30 Weeks - Today's the Day!!!

First - Happy Birthday to my Uncle John!

Yay! Happy Birthday to me, too! Chris brought home kolaches and a dozen roses for me this all is good. Our friend, John, called me this morning to wish me a happy birthday and asked me if I felt old today. I said, "no, but my parents might!" Enjoy the card Mom gave me this weekend...

My dad also called me this morning. He asked me not too long ago what I was going to do with my blog after my birthday. Never fear...I will continue to overwhelm you with the exciting day to day activities of my life. I'll probably even through in a few cute pics of my kiddos, as well. last thing. Today was the last weigh-in of the Gann Weight Loss Challenge. Of course, Chris won. BUT, really we are both winners at this game. Final tally - I was down 5.2% and Chris was down 10%!!! Yay for us! I'm taking today "off" and enjoying some nice fattening stuff for dinner, though! :0)

Sunday, March 30, 2008

30 Years in 30 Weeks - the last of my 20s

Well y'all, here it last night in my 20's. Not sad about it at all. I'm not sure what tomorrow holds, but I do know that my husband has SOMETHING up his sleeve because, before he left for work tonight, he made sure to let me know that he would be taking some money out of the bank and that I needed to be ready by 6pm tomorrow night. Here's what I'd LOVE to be doing...
...hanging out all day at the spa at The Houstonian eating chocolates with my girlfriends, but somehow, I don't think that's on the agenda. Probably wouldn't be as relaxing with Caleb and Cole in tow anyway. (That pic is from Sharon's - she's on the right - Bachelorette Party last summer.) I don't think this is on the agenda, either:

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Take me out to the ball game...

Caleb's team started regular season play yesterday. He had a game last night and then another today at noon. April is going to be a pretty busy month for us! Nana came down to watch the games with us and my BFF Nancy came to the game today. Caleb seems to really be enjoying it so far. The little boys are so much fun to watch. They all want to run to the ball...even if it's on the opposite side of the field sometimes. A few like to pick flowers or play in the dirt. Some don't want to hit and there was even a little boy that stopped running half-way to first base and just sat down to pout. Cole is just terribly upset that he's not big enough to play yet. He hollers for Caleb half the time and tries to run out on to the field the other half. It will be interesting when I actually have to brave a game by myself! Here are some pics from the games. Can't help but notice Caleb's resemblance to my dad when he wears a hat...check out those ears!!!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

30 Years in 30 Weeks - Have you mailed my presents yet??? ;0)

In keeping with recent tradition, I bring you a picture suitable for the present time of year. Not only am I excited about my birthday, but I am SUPER excited that baseball season is literally around the corner!!! So this was 2006 and that's Baby Cole making my jersey buttons pop. Also in this picture is a co-worker of mine from CBHS (her daughter was also in my Apparel class) and Junction Jack - the Astros mascot. For the record, I had good reason to call in sick that day...I had to take the 3-hour glucose test that morning. By far, that was one of my favorite baseball games EVER. (1) It was Opening Day (2) Roy O. was pitching (3) We won (4) the NL Pennant was unveiled and (5) We had AMAZING tickets on the first row behind the bullpen (and, man, can those pitchers throw hard!). I even made a whole scrapbook to remember that day...ask me to show it to you some day. Speaking of baseball, I need to leave a message here for my Dad, who is out of the Astros viewing area most of the time....those of you that don't care....skip on ahead.


*The new Bourn guy looks pretty good. Pretty fast and a good base stealer...although not as speedy as Taverez was.

*Still unsure of how the pitching will all work out. As it stands, rotation is Roy O, Backe, Chacon and Sampson. As far as I've heard, 5th spot in the rotation is not set and Woody Williams looks like poo lately (crappy 10.70 ERA for Spring).

*Kaz Matsui (2nd base) will be out for a little while recovering from surgery (unrelated to baseball)

*Not that this impacts the game, per se, but Lance Berkman has pork-chop like sideburns right now. Pretty dang funny.

*Jose Cruz, Jr. looks to be the real deal. (.355 avg)

*Pence, of course, looks good too. (.385)

I guess I should talk a little more about things other than baseball....

Back to me. Okay, so things went good and Cole was born on the day before Mom's 50th birthday. (Which is my cousin, Jan's, anniversary of her 25th birthday - LOL) After a little thought, Chris and I decided that I would quit teaching for a while and stay at home with the kids. Suburban Houston day-care is pretty expensive...not to mention for two children!

That summer also brought another High School 10 year Reunion! We had a small crowd (okay, I didn't graduate with *that* many people), but it was tons of fun. For good measure (and my HS friends that are reading this), I'll add a few pics from the Reunion, too...

Okay, guys...only 3 1/2 more days!!!

A good looking family

Random pictures from Easter. Mom, you throw a GREAT party!

More Easter Fun...Off to the (Egg) Races!!!

Check our JR's determination in the picture below!
Slowly...slowly....slowly. I WILL get the pics posted somehow!

Easter Installment - Cupcakes!

We had lots of Easter activities planned at the party. One was cupcake decorating. It was a big hit (especially with my cousin's oldest son, Jacob)! Cole wasn't into the decorating so much as the eating part of it all. Some of the "big kids" even got in on the fun!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Easter Party Hat Extravaganza

GRRRR! Blogger is giving me troubles uploading pictures, so I'll do this in installments. Not tonight though...I'm going to bed!

Okay, so we had what was probably the BEST EASTER PARTY EVER this year. I wish everyone would have been able to come (my own husband included), but I guess that's life.

Easter Hat Decorating and general showing-off:

Technical Difficulties...

Yes. I have Easter pictures. Yes. I need to do another 30 in 30. HOWEVER...I'm having troubles getting my pictures to download this morning. I can't add anything new - can only access pictures that are already on the computer. Just be patient. You know - in case anyone is stalking me.

"Grammie's" Brag Book

Remember the Chinese Adoption book I did a while back? Well, they finally got their girl last week! Yay! I've been religiously stalking their blog...laughing and crying along with them. Anyway. I made this little "brag book" as a birthday gift for little Lily's "Grammie". I absolutely love the quote on the back fitting for Phyllis! She doesn't have it yet, but I thought I would share it with y'all!

Baby Girl Gift Basket

First, I have to say thanks to Sarah for getting a client for me! A lady walked into her bank (no, this isn't a cheesy joke) and asked if anyone knew someone to make a cute gift basket for a new baby. Of course, my loving sister thought of me and volunteered me for the job! I delivered it this weekend and stupid me forgot to take a picture of the completed basket (I could kick myself - it was really cute!), but here's what was included...

A dozen cards:

Altered letters for the nursery walls:

A mini brag book for the parents:

A tin and keepsake holders (there is the cutest little ziploc baggie for her first lock of hair!):

2 burp cloths (the softest, sweetest chenille with raised hearts!):

I also included a cute teddy bear, but no picture of that...