Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Kristi, why are you blogging at 7:30 am?

So, I have a free-standing dry erase board like the one above in my classroom. Yesterday, in all of my teacher-coolness, I was walking around the classroom passing back some graded work. Mind you, this was my LARGEST class of 28 students - many of which are Freshman know how they are. Anyway, I'm in the general vicinity of said dry erase board and, all of a sudden, my right foot got caught on one of the bars at the bottom. Yep. I busted it. Fell straight forward and bent my foot backwards on the way down. Lost every one of those "cool points" I ever had. Thankfully, none of my 28 students laughed at me. One jumped up to make me a bag of ice and another took the pass to get a wheelchair from the nurse. A couple offered to help get my fat butt off the ground (well, they didn't really say that), but I decided that had "Fiasco #2" written all over it. Thank Jesus I was wearing pants.

Eventually, I made it down to the nurse's office and got all of the workman's comp. paperwork filled out. (Big props to Ethan for not rolling me down to the Aquatics gym and pushing me off into the pool.) Thankfully, Chris was home yesterday (with Caleb who was fighting off a cold). He picked me up and took me to the doctor (who, by the way, had very Brady-Bunch-inspired office decor). Three x-rays and several hours later, I have a very banged up foot but no major damage. Unfortunately, I can't put any weight on it until I go see Dr. 1972 again on Monday.

Oh, and apparently standard pharmacies can't fill a prescription for crutches, so I'm stuck either hopping or rolling around my house in a desk chair until Chris goes by the medical supply store on the way home from work today. Fun times.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Please Pray.

While I was away in Asheville, I recieved some terrible news. Please pray for our dear friends Stefan and Nancy. This past weekend, their beautiful daughters were involved in a car accident and neither child survived.

Alyssa and Reagan....forever in our hearts...

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Fall, Football and a new Favorite

I'm definitely starting to feel the change of the seasons this year. I'm not sure what it is since, here in Texas, we really don't see much of a transition from Summer to Fall. Maybe it's slightly cooler weather right now. Maybe it's the football games. But, I think it's mostly from the excitement building up to the 2nd annual Mother-Daughter weekend coming up in a few days! You may remember that last year our trip was to Savannah, Georgia. This year, we (me, Mom, Sarah, Mrs. Edwards, Kimberly and Elizabeth) are going to Asheville, North Carolina. I'm super excited about seeing trees with leaves that change colors and touring the Biltmore Estate. So excited that I made a special trip to Hobby Lobby to buy some Fall decorations for the house. I made this arrangement for the living room last night for less than $50. Feel free to oooohhh and aaaaahhh over it for a moment....

Yesterday also brought another flag football game. Caleb was somewhat frustrated last week, but after several discussions about playing as a team and trying your best, he did much better yesterday. Caleb was chosen to be one of the "team captains" for the day and Cole worked on perfecting his skills as Nana and Pop's personal water boy. Best of all, our team won! It was a very exciting game as we came from behind to win within the last few seconds 19-18!!! Go Broncos White! (We are all Broncos...each team wears a different version of the Denver Broncos jerseys)

And, in the last of my latest news, I think I've determined a new "favorite" in my life. After the storm, everyone's most favorite truck to see on their street was that of the electric company. This week brought our SECOND favorite truck...the large trash truck. Work is still in progress, but I'm hoping the large pile of dead fence currently killing my grass will soon be removed.