Saturday, December 5, 2009

Sadie's Wish List

I haven't introduced you to my girl yet...

Meet Sadie. We got her a few weeks ago and she has given us a lot of smiles, laughs and a few messes since then. The boys love her and she's a pretty good alarm clock.

Oh, and since she's on "my" team (AKA - a girl), she currently has pink EVERYTHING and has recently added a few of THESE collars and accessories to her Christmas Wish List.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween 2009

Thankful that we had cool, comfortable weather to trick-or-treat this year. My little men transformed into Optimus Prime and Bumblebee and made it up and down two streets of our neighborhood this year. They had sooo much fun and Cole even managed to wear his entire costume for half of the excursion. By street two, I was holding the mask and, five houses later, I was carrying the arm piece, too. Hope y'all had a wonderful Halloween!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Mas... in "more"....blocks. This time, they are Tiger Cub Scout inspired...enjoy.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Blocks, blocks...EVERYWHERE!

First of all, I'm posting this early because I'm at home with a cranky, snotty, coughing little 3-year-old that is complaining that his "ear feels funny". GREAT. We are off to the doctor later today...

Anyway, after I posted pictures of the blocks I made for Baby Micah, my Facebook inbox blew up with questions about them. Right now, I'm sitting at 6 orders for blocks... Social networking can be a wonderful thing, huh? I just finished up my first order last night. They are for an adorable 5-year-old girl named Lori that loves Hannah Montana. I had to give myself an intensive Google-infused lesson on Hannah Montana, since she's not really present at our house. I absolutely LOVE what the finished product looks like...the glitter, the bling, the sparkle...what's not to love? Even my husband admitted how "cute" they were (you didn't hear that from me). are all six bedazzled sides...

Sunday, October 11, 2009

My new favorite baby shower gift(s)

One of my best friends had her baby shower recently. I'm so crazy excited to meet this new little man!!! I bought Nancy a fun, funky diaper bag from my favorite bag maker, Kelci. (She's moving, so her etsy site is on hold for right now, but you should totally go buy some stuff from her...she even named one of her purse styles after ME!) I stuffed the bag full of all sorts of goodies, but my new favorite is one I made...little wooden blocks I altered to match Baby Micah's green and brown monkey room! I'm ordering some more blocks soon and hope to add some to my etsy shop soon!

Saturday, October 10, 2009


Yeah,'s been forever. BUT! I wanted to share my new Etsy shop with everyone! Take a peek: krgDesigns on Etsy

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Not exactly "Careful Caleb"...

As a last ditch effort to get some fun in before our summer was officially over, we took a quick trip to New Braunfels to visit "The Original" Schlitterbahn. Chris' mom ("MeeMaw") drove up and had fun with us. We stayed at the resort at Schlitterbahn that overlooks the Comal River. As we floated the river Sunday night, we got to see the "Skycoaster" and the crazies being dropped 180 feet...definitely NOT my cup of tea. Here's how the conversation went...

Caleb: "I want to do that!"
Me: "Ummm...."
MeeMaw: "I'll do it! I do it every year! But it's the last thing I do before I leave the park."
Caleb: "Maybe I'll do it with you...AND I'll even pull the cord!"
Chris: "We'll look into it tomorrow."
Me: "Ummmm...."

Fast-forward to Monday afternoon. My kids were sun-kissed and maybe even a little water-logged from the fun of the day. MeeMaw decided that it was time for the "Screaming Skycoaster". As we approached the desk, Caleb said, "I'm not sure I want to go right now. Maybe later..."

That's my boy. Careful Caleb.

Chris and MeeMaw quickly chimed in that they were going NOW and this would be his only opportunity. Careful Caleb evidently got a little carefree. He was tall enough, so he decided to try it out. And, yes, he even pulled the cord. If I could figure out how to download the video we bought, I would post it here. You would hear the onlookers in awe of the "little boy" that was going up 180 feet into the air. You would hear Cole yelling, "Go Ca-leb!". And you would hear me in all of my country-accent glory yelling, "Woooooo Hoooooo!" (at least it wasn't "Yeee Haaaw!", right?) Alas, I can't get it to work, so you can make some sound effects as you scroll down through these pictures. It was only after they landed that I asked myself what exactly I was thinking when I let my 6 year old do that...

And we just thought he was brave doing the Boogie Bahn....

Thursday, August 6, 2009

More Summertime Fun

A few more random pictures from our fun this summer...

Snow Cones (delicious!) I think it's utterly fabulous that our little hometown snowcone stand is on the main "drag" through town and in the middle of a shopping center parking lot...which happens to be across the street from a cemetary. Really evokes the tropical feeling. Good thing the snowcones are so yummy! ;)

Cousin Fun Day at Space Center Houston (did I post these pics before?) with JR, Kyle and Reed. There sure are a lot of buttons to push at this place, so my boys were happy!

Cole "modeling" for the camera...first in his new favorite mascara (Mommy's brand), and then in the latest in pre-school fashion - Daddy's socks worn on the arms. Gotta admit he's pretty cute, though!

Our trip to the museum...(one of Caleb's summertime checklist items)

And some of my favorite pictures of all...enjoying one of the only ways to stay cool in this Houston Heat...swimming in our little pool.

Only 11 days left for me. Summertime, why must you go so fast???

Friday, July 31, 2009

Sharing some Crafty...

I posted on Facebook that I had finally finished my 2004 scrapbook and Jan asked if I was going to post some of the pictures here, since her kids have to "viacariously live through their cousins' scrapbooks". LOL! I guess we're even then, her kids look at our scrapbooks while my kids read Jan's blogs and wish they could travel the world like the Ingersoll boys...too funny! ;)

Anyway, I've yet to take pictures of most of the stuff, but here are a few recent things (glad to have that "scrappin' mojo" back!) that just so happen to be my favorites. Okay, so none of it goes in said 2004 scrapbook, but this just further proves why I'm so "behind" on scrapping...I usually just grab a picture that gives me some sort of creative jumping-off point and go from there. Therefore, this is all from 2008-2009!!! Enjoy!

A mini-book for Sarah and Steven (it holds wallet sized photos) made using some left-over wrapping paper from one of her bridal showers:

These pictures are from Caleb's last flag football game last Fall. When it was time for the team captains to go out to meet the other team's captains, Coach Brad had them all line up and walk out together, arm-in-arm. It was tooo cute!

And these last two are from JUNE 2009! I loved the pictures I took of the boys picking berries at the Jett's farm and of the berry tartlets I made from our bounty...they were just BEGGING to be scrapped! They are my absolute favorites right now! (Probably helps that I could play up the colors and add some more feminine touches to these pages...LOL) I put a lot of detail into these pages, so I'm also including some close-ups with descriptions for my scrappy friends to see...

Okay, here are the warned, I'm attempting to go "Scrapbook Geek" on you and throw out some techniques and product names...

On "Together", I used Bohemia blank chipboard numbers that I inked up with brown, copper and white to make it look like old leather and then added a little sparkle with Stickles. I also included a quote written on kraft paper, but I'm a little disappointed that it didn't turn out like I had hoped. I stamped it first using the "Champ" stamp from Stampin' Up!'s "Sporting" set using VersaMark ink and then crumpled it before writing the quote on it. If I squint my eyes and tilt my head, I can see the work I put into that tiny piece of paper...(sigh).

On "The Taste of Summer", I used lots of Glossy Accents, Stickles and sewing notions again. Some of my favorite details include the stick pin in the middle of the large flower that has the date on a tiny little tag and the faux blackberries I stamped that are the background for "of" in the title. The stamps are actually supposed to be hydrangeas, but I triple-stamped them with purple, pink and white craft inks to blur the finer details of the stamp and then added Glossy Accents and/or Stickles. Pretty pleased with how that turned out.

On "So Berry Sweet", I did a lot of distressing, used Glossy Accents on the letters and brads, and even dusted off the sewing machine. Oh, and the bird is a QuicKutz die that I cut from kraft paper and then used aqua and white acrylic paint applied with a crumpled plastic bag. And I know the hummingbird has nothing to do with berries or cooking, but I love it because hummingbirds always remind me of my Grandma so I stuck it on there to make me over-the-top happy! So what if it took me half the makes me smile every time I look at it.