Monday, April 20, 2009

Another moist house update

So we thought we might be safe leaving the carpet in the office since it only came in no more than 2 feet in front of the entrance door. (There must be a low spot in the floor never traveled any further) I came home from work today and quickly changed my mind. The mildew-ing smell is revolting already. I'm pausing for a second before I attempt to finish unloading this room. Just waiting for Chris to get home and then I have big plans for a carpet ripping party - part 2. I'm not telling him until he walks in the door...otherwise he might decide to work late. Can I tell you how much there is to unload? Two with all of the computer stuff (I think I'll leave all of the detangling fun for Chris) and the other where I sit and craft. Not to mention the million little packages/bottles/jars/treasure chests full of crafty goodness. Oh...and all of my paper storage cubes. Yay. Still no word from our insurance adjuster.

The positive note I will leave for today is the concrete floor in my bedroom will probably leave me with some excellently exfoliated feet! I'm really reaching for that silver lining today.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Update from Team Clean-up

Okay, guys. It has been a rough day to say the least. Fastest rain I think I've ever seen in my life. It's still lightly raining off and on, but the water is now away from my house, thankfully. In it's climax, the storm brought 2 inches in less than 12 minutes and over 15 inches total in the Friendswood area. And that's just what the news said. The Reynolds blood in me says that it was at least twice that amount at my house. I was so busy cleaning it all up that I *may* have forgotten to feed my kids for an extended period of time. All kidding aside, it was very scary. I did, indeed, kill our little shop-vac. I probably overworked it, but managed to get around 30 gallons of water out of my house before it died. Our neighbor, Mike, was outside in the rain digging a trench between our houses and I really think that helped tremendously. All of our rooms across the back of the house were subjected to the rain waters today. I've gone from too-busy-to-be-emotional, to overly-frustrated to borderline-hysterical over it now. Chris (who was supposed to be enjoying a "de-stress yourself" weekend with his dad and brother) is now on his way home. Calls to our insurance have been made. I'm dirty and exhausted. Will update soon...

rain,rain go away

So it has been raining really hard today. There is water in my house and a leak in my roof. Oh. And I just burned up the motor in the wet/dry vac. Did I mention Chris is out of town this weekend? Hopefully this works as I am posting from my phone. Pray that our water damage is not too bad.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Spring Break Field Trip

Several weeks ago (I know, sorry...), we had Spring Break. One of our fun "adventures" - as Caleb calls them - was going to the Houston Livestock Show with Nana. Caleb was so very excited that he sat down and prepared a checklist the night before. He did this ALL BY HIMSELF - spelling and all. And, yes, we took the list with us and he checked them off at the conclusion of the day. Too cute.

For those of you that have problems reading phonetically, here's the translation:
What I am going to
do with Nana.
I am going to the rodeo.
Ride horse.
Have a war.
Pet a chicken.
Milk a cow.
Drink lemonade.

For the record, we did it all. Okay, so it wasn't a REAL cow that he milked, but it worked for check-list purposes. And, yes, he DID pet a chicken...with one finger through the fencing on the coop. Oh, and the war??? Yeah, Nana obliged and had a pretend one back at our house...ah, life with boys. Enjoy the pics.