Friday, July 25, 2008

Friday Favorites 7/25

As tempting as it is to make my Friday Favorites list of things I *want*, I'm trying to focus some positive energy on the things I already have.

For newly updated scrapbooking supplies. Okay, for the investment of about $5 for paint (and I still have more left over!)...

a bowl that Chris gave me for Valentine's Day in 1999 (it had B&BW stuff in it) - now repurposed as my loose stamp bowl:

a boring, black pencil/tool holder - now cute:

a pressed tin hanging bucket thingy - was once green and just hanging around, now cute and holds my ribbon scraps:

and, lastly, my ATG (remember this from an earlier Friday Favorites list?) What used to be red and ugly is now brown, turquoise and FABULOUS. Oh, and just for kicks, I painted an old wooden spool I found, too.:


Jan said...

I wish I had the eye and skill to do all that, If I tried to paint anything it would look like JR had done it!

Anonymous said...

It all looks great. I really like the tin--updated with brown and turquoise! Yeah for spray paint.