Saturday, July 26, 2008

Cooking (and eating) with Cole

I've decided I'm auditioning Cole for the next season of Next Food Network Star. Really - the kid's a sure bet. How can the judges resist the, it's never been done before - a cooking show for toddler, hosted by a TODDLER! Genius. In preparation, we have been working on some basic skills this week.

First - the All-American favorite - peanut butter and jelly. Notice how carefully he holds the knife (a safe butter knife, of course).

Taking a cue from tv chefs before him (and boosting the "cute" factor), he takes a quick taste of his culinary efforts. (He loses points in my corner for this one, though. If the video camera had been rolling, you would be witnessing my "mom-freak-out" over him licking the knife.)

Also, to expand his international food knowledge, here he is eating a bowl of salsa. He had his own idea to make it a Mexican-Americana "fusion" snack by eating it with Frito's. (Yes, he really eats my salsa.)

You better watch out, Bobby Flay!!!


Jan said...

And you can call the show....Cooking with Cole, or Cole Cooks, or Citchen Corner with Cole! The "C" possiblites are endless!

Anonymous said...

I'm not saying anything. Cole can already cook better than me. MR

Jan said...

Amen to that! ;-)

Anonymous said...

Margaret--you can share your "ice cream" recipe with Cole. (love ya!) And I thought Caleb was going to be my little chef! Mom