Monday, November 12, 2007

30 Years in 30 Weeks - edition 11

In 1988, we finally moved to the house we had been building for several years. Okay, Ben built it. Mom helped a lot and I swept a lot of sawdust. That move was a BIG change for me. Humble to Shepherd. A class full of Jessica's, Heather's and Tiffany's to a place that had names like Franny, Chancy and Tessie. (No offense, Tess, you know I love you!) It was a whole 'nother world in Shepherd! They wore Wranglers and big belt-buckles! Even the GIRLS! Some of those belt-buckles even had chickens or pigs on them! At the time, it was all very strange to me, but I grew to love it and am now so thankful that I basically "grew up" in a community where everyone knew and loved you...or at least looked out for you. I felt very out of place during those first days after our move. I wasn't used to changing teachers for different classes and was so embarrassed when I left my books in the wrong classroom. I felt like the kids looked at me differently. No one I talked to had divorced parents. I wore different clothes and talked with less of an accent (although I've gotten over THAT!). I remember one time I invited a friend to stay the night at my house and her mother was hesitant because we had a "bigger house". Little did she know that we didn't even have doors on our kitchen cabinets yet and probably still had ply-wood floors. Oh, and those "different" clothes I wore? Yeah, they were hand-me-downs from my cousin Jan.

The picture I included today is from the Fall of '88. By that time, I had time to acclimate myself to "the country". I had joined 4-H and even entered the San Jacinto County Fair in the foods division. I was in 4-H before we moved, but this was just on an entire different level. Speaking of...I wish I could find the picture of Jan and me at a 4-H event a year or two before this. We totally swept that competition!


Anonymous said...

My mom has this picture of you in a rabbit frame...still!!! She said that she had a bunch of pics of you hanging up when her and dad lived together, but always kept them with her because you werent just her ex-step daughter, but her kids sister. thats crazy that she has this picture, she has a whole lot more too.

Jan said...

I believe we won the 4-H Harris County Food and Crafts Extravaganza. (I'm sure it was called something different, but it was 4-H, it was Harris County, we entered both food and crafts, and it was definitely big enough to be described as an extravaganza.) We won enough that we got to compete again, which I guess would have been at the region level. I think I have a picture of us that day too, and seems like we are wearing almost the same outfit…which must mean we were really in style! I'm so glad you have continued in your food and crafts expertise, as mine is pretty much nonexistent.

Anonymous said...

Yes moving to Shepherd was an adjustment for all of us. BUt looking back over the past 20 years I think all in all it was a good move. Small communities and schools have many opportunities for kids that they miss in the larger urban areas. Even though the larger areas have more choices. And our country home has been a place for many good family memories, especially holidays such as Easter.
I love you....Mom